SoOum has developed disruptive technology with big data, and economics that brings exporters and importers together using real time data.

Our system tracks and analyzes commodity markets globally. It then generates closing and shipping documents between an exporter and importer.

Once you, as a broker, are onboarded you are handed a transaction that is ready to be closed. You also have the option to build your own transactions.

​MySoOum facilitates the entire process from ​start to finish. The platform offers 24/7 support to brokers via our online chat platform.

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TRYP Rides offers lower fares, no-surge-charge pricing, and loyalty rewards that enable Riders to save money while enjoying better service, smoother rides, and total peace of mind. Easily compare fare estimates for all of our vehicle types to budget your trip ahead of time. Keep that money warm inside your pocket!

TRYP Rides Drivers earn 100% of the ride fare and tip and can get paid from the app instantly. That means you get money whenever you need it, and more of it. We don’t take a dime!

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The AEROLARRI AR Magazine is the world’s first subscription magazine presented entirely in augmented reality. Put the proprietary Bernoulli concept car in your driveway for Issue #1 and read the AR article. It’s 10x more powerful than anything else. Download here.

The internet generally killed printed periodical publications. Can AEROLARRI AR Magazine be the first to do the same to the current state of the editorial industry? That would be legit. How could it succeed? Answer: by publishing extremely awesome content in a manner that transforms one’s concept of media, as much as AR transforms reality itself. AEROLARRI AR Magazine is a holographic reality onto which the subjects are projected in infinite forms. But a true magazine should pay homage to its roots and thereby consist of written articles. And so here you will read this- and the other articles within Issue #1+ of AEROLARRI AR Magazine.

Once upon a time, printing technology was at a state where simple pictures could not be added on a page. Imagine the revolution which looking at images of reality on a page must have been at that time of transition. And here you stand today looking at pages on your reality.


Rim Ryderz is a southern California based custom long board / wheel company. Rim Ryderz is the premiere long board company specializing in customizable wheels and rim systems. Along with its patented wheel technology, the action sports board company produces some of the best skateboard products on the market.

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