It’s time to use the platform we have been given to change the country, and the world, for good.

IN 2020 our goal is to, literally, break the race.

What does that mean, exactly?

Typically, in the racing industry, performance is based on cost.  The more sponsors a car gets, the faster the car goes. 

We’re doing something that’s never been done,
nd we’re flipping the script to give it all back to today’s youth.

Instead of using our race car solely for corporate gain, we want to use it to raise awareness for the Youth of the Nation. 
Anyone who sponsors our car helps to move the car up in the rankings, so that more people will see the car 
and the mission will spread far and wide.



This platform will ensure that today’s youth get their voices heard.

Not only will we support the 2020 race season during the Youth of the Nation/ Break The Race campaign, we also will be taking our message to towns most affected in our country.  We want those who have been affected by such brokenness to be remembered, and we stand united with all those in favor of a safer America and nations across the globe.

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